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Mega Global Takes on the Digital Market with SEO Philippines

Often seen on grocery shelves or on sari-sari stores, Mega Global’s products are part of every Filipino household. Mega Global is the company behind Mega Sardines, the number one sardines brand in the Philippines, and a leading manufacturer of canned goods worldwide. Let’s take a look at how SEO Philippines helped a world-renowned brand in the digital market.

The Company

Throughout the years, Mega Global has maintained its high standards of performance, productivity, and professionalism and has closely kept its core values as the blood that runs through the company’s veins.

The company has two entities; Mega Fishing Corporation and Ayala Seafoods Corporation. These two entities are both armed with modern technologies and have received international certification for fishing and packaging.

Mega Fishing Corporation is the fishing arm of Mega Global while Ayala Seafoods Corporation is the canning arm.

A big part of our success is our trademark 12-hour Catching-to-Canning process. The goal of this is to make sure that sardines caught should be packaged and ready for distribution before it passes the 12th hour. This is to ensure freshness and quality in all of our sardines products.

Our Wide Range of Products

We are committed to providing our beloved customers with high-quality value for money products. Our products range from our most popular Mega Sardines with delicious tomato sauce to the Mega Creations Spanish sardines series. We also have Mega Tuna that features different flavors of tuna and Mega Prime products.

Mega Global Website

Mega Global started its website way back in 2001 and was first under the domain name We then realized that our domain name was just focusing our sardines products when we also have other products that we produce with pride.

We shifted our focus and changed our website name to the current name Back then, we know that having a website is important but we were unsure of how important it really is.

In 2016, we started tracking the website data through Google Analytics. From March to December 2016, we got more than 55,000 users.

Dominating the Digital Market

Our full-on efforts to have better visibility online started in 2017. We started a PPC campaign, increasing our overall traffic to 300,000 in 2017, 75% of which came from display ads.

We also acquired the services of SEO-Hacker, the leading SEO company in the Philippines. It is lead by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si.

Primarily, the focus was to rank for keywords where users intend to know the best sardines in the Philippines. The goal was to make Mega Global not only a leading brand offline but also online.

From when we started the website back in 2001, we had little to no efforts in making our website visible in search engines. Now, we are number one if you search for the best sardines in the Philippines.

SEO efforts started with link building. We started from 0 backlinks to 200+ referring domains with more than 1,000 referring pages.

A blog was also established to regularly publish content that will be beneficial for our customers as well as recipes to help them make the most out of our products.

In no time, Mega Global is now ranking for more than 1,200 organic keywords.

Launching the Prime Mom Community

Together with SEO-Hacker, we also launched the Prime Mom website for Mega Global’s Prime Mom Club. The website is Mega Global’s platform to help mothers in taking care of their families and homes.

The Prime Mom Club is a community of savvy moms. Members of the Prime Mom Club can receive recipes, supermarket and kitchen tips, handy articles, exclusive seminars, promos, and premium items. The best part of this community is that all of those are for free!

Members of the Prime Mom Club can gather points for every interaction that they do with the Prime Mom Club community. Actions such as signing up, member referrals, interacting in the community forums, sharing and posting of Prime Mom Club content on social media, writing reviews, joining events, and many more. Members could save up all of their points and redeem exclusive Prime Mom Club premium products.

Digital Success

Our current success with our digital platforms is just the beginning. We realize the importance of having a digital presence and the potential that it has in our mission to provide quality products to our customers in the Philippines and around the world.

Guided by our core values, teamwork, continuous learning, integrity, balanced life, responsible stewardship, love of God, and passion for excellence, we will use our influence in improving people’s lives and nation-building.