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Mega Global Corporation Products

Turn ordinary meal times into extraordinary experiences with Mega Global Corporation products. Our main ingredients? Accessibility, affordability and convenience. Because we believe that delicious, high quality food should always be within everyone’s reach. Mega Global Corporation offers a wide range of products for the growing needs of consumers both locally and globally.

Our Brands

The Number 1 Sardines Brand in the Philippines

Serve no less than the most delicious sardines for the family. Mega Sardines is certified fresh as it is packed from catching to canning within 12 hours. For your convenience, it comes in easy-to-open cans and easy-tear pouches.

Real Tuna Goodness without the Guilt

No preservatives, no extenders, just pure tuna goodness! Cook your most healthy, mouthwatering creations with 4 guilt-free Mega Global Corporation products. With bigger flakes, less oil and a richer flavor, this is our best Mega Tuna yet!

Exquisitely-Tasting, Premium Oil Based Sardines

Indulge in meal times made premium with sardines, specially-crafted with exceptional oils and ingredients. Mega Creations Premium Sardines follows Mega Sardine’s signature 12-hour Catching-to-Canning process, so you can be sure of its premium quality.

Simple Recipes, PinaSARAP into Flavorful Hearty Meals

Family meal times are special moments to look forward to with flavor-packed dishes that are easy to prepare. ‘Yan ang pinaSARAP with Mega Prime! Of Mega Global Corporation products, Mega Prime is a range of premium class ingredients for every Prime Mom.

Prep MMMasarap, MMMalinamnam Mackerel Dishes

With thick mackerel cuts in umami flavor-adding oil, the delicious MMMasarap, MMMalinamnam possibilities with Mega Mackerel are endless! Cook up a MMMega week ahead with a meal plan and these Mega Global Corporation products.

Step up the fun at home

An exciting addition to Mega Global Corporation products, Primo Sparkling Juice is a delicious non-alcoholic carbonated drink that will spike up the fun in any celebration – simple or grand. It’s great for all ages, anyone can join!

Be Part of the Mega Family

We are always on the lookout for partners who can help us distribute Mega Global Corporation products for the local and global market. We believe that premium quality canned products are best complemented with quality partnerships.

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