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12 Hours Catching to Canning

Mega Global Corporation’s 12-Hour Catching to Canning Process guarantees premium quality. Each can of Mega Sardines undergoes this process to make sure that fish is canned fresh with minimal handling.

From Sea to Table

Mega Global Corporation’s signature 12-Hour Catching to Canning Process is a unique and innovative process that guarantees the freshness and quality of fish in each can of sardines.


Meets Strict International Standards

3rd Hour

Fishing Ground

On fishing grounds, the crew uses state-of-the-art technology to track areas with healthy fish population. Mega Global Corporation’s high-tech sonar boats are equipped with side-scanning sonar technology and other equipment to detect fish. Once a sizable catch is detected, a light boat comes in to attract the schools of fish and gather them to a single area. A catcher boat will then lower its net.

6th Hour

Fishing Pump

Traditionally, manual labor is employed to transfer the catch to a carrier boat, but Mega Global Corporation uses another innovation, the Fish Pump. What usually takes an hour by manual labor, now takes a mere 2-3 minutes by fish pump. With the fish untouched, histamine levels are minimized, its shelf-life is increased and vastly-improved freshness, firmness and taste is guaranteed.

9th Hour


We ensure that the catch passes through Mega Global Corporation’s meticulous quality assurance. Upon its arrival at the canning plant, it goes through inspection. If deemed fit for canning, the fish are carefully unloaded and thoroughly cleaned in cold, bubbling water. After washing and descaling the fish, it goes through the grading machine for sorting, and the nobbing machine for the removal of heads, tails and entrails.

Simultaneously, the cans are sterilized. Once ready, the cans are filled with pre-cut and pre-sorted sardines. Following canning, the fish are pre-cooked in an exhaust box, preventing the unwanted release of fluids in the succeeding steps. The sardine-filled cans are then lined up for decanting, sauce-filling, sealing and retorting.

12th Hour

Finished Product

Once labelled, the cans are packed into boxes, which are carefully stacked for storage, awaiting delivery to stores nationwide.

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