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Engineering & Maintenance Head

Job Opening

  • Monitor and supervise each dry-docking & ship building works, to include materials  preparations, purchase and coordination on other sections involved, and observed cleanliness. Oversee ship building vessel construction work execution such as: Tack-welds or welds  components and assemblies, using electric, gas, arc, or other welding equipment. Install or repair equipment, such as lead pipes, valves, floors, and tank linings. Heats, forms, and dresses metal parts, using hand tools, torch, or arc welding equipment. Remind/Follow-up all concerned team leaders on urgent job orders of operational and non operational vessels in able to request materials needed. 
  • Ensure fishing vessels underwater machineries are accurately installed and on time. Ensure airbags, blasting machines, heavy equipment and other equipment preventive  maintenance and repair are done accurately and on time. 
  • Ensure to secure a service report of each job order of the section for filing and technical reports  of section’s machines and equipment. 
  • Reports all incidents, accidents and other unusual activities that happen or occurs within your  section or work place. 
  • Study design proposals and specifications to establish basic characteristics of a ship, such as its  size, weight, and speed. 
  • Develop sectional and waterline curves of the ship’s hull to establish the center of gravity, the  ideal hull form, and data on buoyancy and stability. 
  • Design entire ship hulls and superstructures, following safety and regulatory standards Design the complete layout of ships’ interiors, including spaces for machinery and auxiliary  equipment, passenger compartments, cargo space, ladder wells, and elevators Confer with marine engineers to design the layout of boiler room equipment, heating and  ventilation systems, refrigeration equipment, electrical distribution systems, safety systems,  steering systems, and propulsion machinery 
  • Lead teams from a variety of specialties to oversee building and testing prototypes Evaluate how ships perform during trials, both in the dock and at sea, and change designs as  needed to make sure that national and international standards are met 
  • Ensure sea worthiness and guarantee quality of works of all vessels 
  • Propose improvements on shipyard operations

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