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What Every Person Should Know About Sardines

What Every Person Should Know About Sardines

What are some facts about sardines that everyone should be knowledgeable of?

  1. Sardines are incredibly healthy.
  2. Sardines are considered one of the most sustainable foods.
  3. Sardines can fit any budget.
  4. Sardines are a very flexible ingredient.


As one of the most common and most consumed food, sardines are a staple in almost every dining table across the country. They come either as canned or fresh and are typically sold by a large sardines company. In the Philippines, these canned sardines are sold in oil, in brine, or in tomato sauce—and this variety makes them a famous food for any occasion, particularly as a quick bite at home.

But in most cases, sardines are just that; something easy to get and easy to incorporate in a dish. Most people who eat them don’t even know how good of an ingredient it is. Sardines aren’t your typical fish! When you learn about them, you’ll surely appreciate just how great these little, delicious fishes are!

Sardines are incredibly healthy

Sardines are incredibly healthy

The first thing that anyone who’s working with sardines on a daily basis should know is that it is one of the most nutritious fish on the planet. Some things worth mentioning is that is very rich in protein, healthy fat, and almost all essential vitamins and minerals.

But aside from the basic vitamins and minerals, sardines also have a number of health benefits that will surely grab your attention!

Sardines are one of the few foods that we can consume in its wholesome—including the bones and the skin. These parts of the fish have a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals, particularly a good deal of calcium and phosphorous in an easily absorbed form. This fact is increasing in importance because more and more people have begun to have reactions to dairy products—and consuming fish with its bones is becoming one of the best alternatives to getting calcium.

Sardines also provide a considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. It’s said to give over half of the recommended daily dosage per can of sardines. Both EPA and DHA fats are beneficial for the brain and heart, and it can reduce some kinds of inflammation.

This is significant nowadays because many people tend to consume a lot of another strand of fatty acid—omega 6, such as vegetable oil and margarine. It has been a growing concern that an imbalance between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids will occur because of the overconsumption of omega 6. However, eating sardines will surely help in evening them out.

Some studies also show that consuming omega-3 helps keep cholesterol levels in a relatively healthy range. All in all, this is beneficial for a healthy heart, for supporting the brain, and for optimal hormone balance.


Sardines are one of the most sustainable food

In recent years, there has been a growing concern for natural resources possibly running out sooner than expected. The same goes for food like fish and other animals.

Overfishing has become an issue in most fishing related countries. The good thing is that sardines are one of the many fish that are still quite abundant in the oceans. They don’t show any signs of endangerment in their numbers.

Sardines are can fit in any budget

Sardines can fit in any budget

Possibly the reason why many people choose to buy canned sardines in the first place, these are incredibly cheap and easy to get a hold of when compared to other kinds of food. You can find them in almost any convenience store near you. Unlike many of the cheaper food products, sardines, as mentioned a while ago, are packed with nutrients—and for many people, that is enough to choose it over anything else on the shelves.

Basically, sardines—whether canned or fresh—can almost be considered an ideal type of food. It’s cheap, nutritious, easily accessible, and it’s sustainable. For anyone who is picky when it comes to what they eat or cook, sardines are one of their best options!


Sardines are a very versatile ingredient

As all of you may know (or will soon experience), sardines are one of the most versatile ingredients that you will ever cook with. You can work with fresh sardines or with canned sardines in oil, in brine, in tomato sauce or, even in a Spanish style sauce—there’s a load of choices for you to select!

Canned sardines, in particular, can be cooked in a significant number of ways. Searching on the Internet alone will bring you an overwhelming amount of different recipes worth trying. Try out some of our recipes and see just how great it is as an ingredient!


Key Takeaway

Sardines are not your typical fish ingredient. It is incredibly nutritious and sustainable to the point that it is one of the best foods out there. The only thing that you need to make sure of is who manufactures and distributes your canned sardines. In the Philippines, a sardines company like Mega Global has high standards when it comes to all things canned sardines!

Choose canned sardines from the best and get the most out of every meal you make with them!