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A Short Guide to Buying Canned Sardines

What are the things that you need to consider when buying canned sardines?

  1. The ingredients included in the packaging
  2. The method of processing they undergone to
  3. The sauce included in the mix


In the Philippines, a sardines company can be found in almost every convenience store. It’s amazing just how canned sardines can be found in each and every store, even sari-sari stores around the corner. This just goes to show how in demand they are.

Canned sardines are one of the healthiest and affordable options for a meal. A can is packed with so many nutrients that some health advocates even suggest that they should be part of people’s daily diet. Aside from being really healthy, canned sardines are also very cost-effective.

It’s no surprise that people consider buying canned sardines all the time because of the many benefits they pose to the buyers. With this being said, you should still be careful about buying them.

Shop for the best canned sardines possible by following this short guide!

Check the Ingredients

Check the Ingredients

As already mentioned above, canned sardines are usually packed with the vitamins and minerals that you need daily. Just to give you more of an idea on how healthy they are, it is said that 3.2 oz of sardines contains around 20g of protein, which is already a lot. Other than that, a can of sardines also contains about 300mb of calcium—more than a normal glass of milk! They’re also high in Vitamin D and are considered one of the best food when it comes to their Omega-3 fatty acid profile.

Of course, all these could be nullified if there is an added ingredient that could hurt your health. So you really need to watch out for potentially harmful chemicals such as Bisphenols, Phthalates, Perfluoroalkyl chemicals, Percholate, and Nitrates (or nitrites).


Method of Processing

Probably the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying canned sardines, you have to be knowledgeable about the method of processing used on the sardines. In most cases, sardines are first frozen before they’re canned—and since it’s impossible to see whether or not a can contains frozen fish, check them when you’ve opened the can if they’re still intact because this is a good indicator that they were frozen fresh.

Some canned sardines are smoked using artificial ways, particularly liquid smoke. Of course, natural smoking will get the best results—however, the only way to know whether or not smoking was done naturally is also by opening a can up and checking for anything different in that can of sardines, particularly its texture.

There are a lot of other kinds of processes that are done by different sardine companies but the two mentioned are the most common ones. With that being said, canned sardine manufacturers should keep the processing to the very least. If you think that your canned sardines has undergone very minimal processing and is packed tightly with equal sized sardines, then that is a can of quality sardines.

Type of Canned Sardines


Type of Canned Sardines

No, this does not mean the species of sardines, but rather the type of canned sardines that you buy. You will never find canned sardines that are dry inside. It would usually be in some sort of sauce, oil, or water—common sauces include tomato sauce, Spanish style sauce, or chili sauce.

Now the type of sardines isn’t as important as the method of processing, but it will be one of the more significant considerations once you eat them. Some canned sardines can be eaten straight from the can while others you still need to incorporate to a recipe. When shopping for them, be sure to think about what you plan on using them for.


Key Takeaway

Canned sardines are as popular as ever. In the Philippines, sardines companies have been doing really well just because of how in demand their products are.

Because of the number of choices you can buy, you must be careful when shopping for them. Keep these guidelines in mind so you know what to avoid and what to look for.